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Service appartement versus hotel Service appartement versus hotel Service appartement versus hotel Service appartement versus hotel Service appartement versus hotel

Service apartment vs hotel

On this page we compare staying in a serviced apartment, like Apartment Hotel Puck, with staying in a regular hotel. Whether it's a long business trip or a vacation, here you can read what you should consider when making your choice.  

When planning a vacation or business stay one often uses a standard method in the search for the right property. Most people try to find the right combination: the trip including accommodation, and if possible, even including activities. This saves significantly in the preparatory work, however, these options are often very expensive and result in limited freedom. Regularly it is worth the extra energy to search for affordable accommodation, so you do not have to give up your freedom.

When deciding between a hotel or furnished apartment, people often ignore the fact that serviced apartments offer services that are not offered by most hotels. For instance, serviced apartments often offer a huge freedom of choice: different settings and facility levels are available. Serviced apartments often offer a fully equipped kitchen, luxury bathrooms and for instance a separate living room. In a hotel you should choose the expensive suite to have similar square meters.

Also, the location of serviced apartments has many advantages. They are often situated in a more convenient area because they are less extensive than giant hotel buildings. A not entirely unimportant feature of serviced apartments over hotels is the atmosphere they express: more than once these apartments are located right in the local culture and environment and are fully incorporated.

At a serviced apartment your host or hostess is often well aware of the possibilities in the area, he or she has an appropriate network and will definitely help you in your search for all kinds of activities. When you are considering a stay of several days, a serviced apartment instead of a hotel is a good option.

We hope to welcome you personally at Apartment Hotel Puck!

Jacques & Nanny Vrolijk