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  • Name: Dennis Kim
  • Length of stay: 0
  • Apartment: Maisonette Libro
  • Rating:

It was perfect and I really enjoyed it

How was the experience at Apartment Hotel Puck?
It was perfect and I really enjoyed it.

Why have you chosen Apartment Hotel Puck?
I was a foreigner who was not used to the Dutch life and I needed something more convenient.

If you need temporary housing again, would you again choose for Apartment Hotel Puck? And why?
Of course, I loved the environment, cost, and the friendly owner.

How did you, your colleague or employee experience the location and surroundings of Apartment Hotel Puck?
My experience was nice.

What was the purpose of the visit?

Would you recommend Apartment Hotel Puck to family / business contacts? And why?
If some foreigners plan to stay in the Netherlands, I would do so because of the reason stated above questionnaires.