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Verhuur aan bedrijven Verhuur aan bedrijven

Apartments for rent in a beautiful location

An apartment located in the randstad can be rent on a temporary basis at Apartment Hotel Puck. At Puck we are very flexible. Our apartments are available for rent for short or long periods and have a variety of options. Our furnished apartments are ideal for business people because of their central location in the Randstad and the proximity of Schiphol.

?Temporary accommodations as you want
?In case of temporary employment, through your company, you need temporary housing for your foreign employees.. Apartment rental at Apartment Hotel Puck offers your employees one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands to live! Our temporary apartments are situated in a rural and tranquil location on the ring canal of Haarlemmermeer. The ideal place to relax is the village of Lisse, including:

♣    The world famous Keukenhof flower exhibition
♣    The extensive shopping area
♣    Various entertainment opportunities

The city Lisse is located just minutes away from Apartment Hotel Puck. Even large cities such as Haarlem, Leiden, Amsterdam and Schiphol airport are very good and easy to reach. Apartment Hotel Puck is the ideal basis.