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Tijdelijke Bedrijven Tijdelijke Bedrijven

Apartment as temporary housing for companies

You rent an apartment on a flexible basis for posted workers or expats. This temporary housing for your employee is located in the Randstad and still very rural. Apartment Hotel Puck has the perfect temporary housing for your company. You can use the house for long or short rental periods.

Make use of our apartments temporarily
At Apartment Hotel Puck you can rent temporary housing for your expatriate or posted worker for longer and shorter periods. Our temporary rent apartments are centrally located in the Randstad, but are located in a rural environment. Tenants of these furnished apartments will have:

♣    View over the circular canal of the Haarlemmermeer
♣    The vast polder as a haven

Various cities like Leiden, Haarlem and Amsterdam are easily reached from our temporary housing. Apartment hotel Puck is the perfect combination of the perfect location in the Netherlands (Randstad) and nature.